If you’re a self-proclaimed stationery enthusiast, your love for pens, notebooks, and planners goes beyond mere functionality. It's a passion, an art form, and a lifestyle. Here are five hilarious quirks every stationery lover can relate to: 

  1. Picking the Perfect Pen is an Event

Raise your hand if you’ve spent way too much time deciding which pen to buy! (raises hand). We've all been there, getting odd looks from security as we hover in the stationery aisle for far too long. This is serious business! A bad pen is simply unacceptable. 

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  1. The Joy of Finding "The One"

Few things in life compared to the joy of discovering the perfect pen. The moment it’s in your hand, you just know it’s a match made in heaven. So much so, you stock up just in case it becomes unavailable. After all, a true stationery lover always has a backup plan. 

...And the Horror When Someone Borrows It 

The nerve! Letting someone borrow your prized pen feels like a betrayal. Every second it’s out of your possession is filled with anxiety. We’ve all considered fibbing about not having a pen just to avoid the agony. #ProtectThePen 

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  1. Hoarding Beautiful Notebooks

Buying gorgeous notebooks but hesitating to use them is totally normal. We all have that one notebook we treasure so much that the thought of marking those pristine pages is unbearable. Only the most special occasions are worthy of its use. 

The First Page Dilemma 

Why does the first page of a new notebook feel so significant? Those crisp pages and perfect edges hold so much promise. The pressure to start perfectly is real! 

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  1. The Secret Notebook Sniff

Are you even a stationery lover if you don’t take a moment to inhale the fresh scent of a new notebook? It’s our little ritual, an initiation for every new notebook. Sure, people might give you funny looks, but who cares? You’ve just welcomed a new treasure into your collection. 

  1. Coordinating Stationery with Your Outfit

Elevate your outfit of the day (OOTD) by matching it with your stationery. Whether it’s a pink notebook, a pink pen, and a pink top, or any other color combo, it’s all about style coordination. 

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There you have it, fellow stationery lovers. We’re sure you can relate to many of these quirks. If you have any other amusing habits that only stationery enthusiasts understand, share them with us in the comments! Let’s celebrate our shared passion for all things stationery. 

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